Blue Violin

It’s been nearly two years since the first Vuk Family Extended Trip to Europe. And although it’s only been 15 months since we returned from that amazing adventure, I’ve found myself expectantly waiting for the next overseas excursion. With visits to over ten countries throughout Europe during that inaugural visit by means of planes, trains, and automobiles (and bicycles, no less), I found myself altering my understanding of the world. While the diversity within each country is stunning and beautiful, I found myself realizing that there is more that unites us as a people, than there is that separates us.

And so it is that here we are. Four children in tow, an Au Pair from Holland/Canada, and two parents excited to be out of the house again!

London is the first destination on our journey, and it is from the borough of Islington that I am writing this morning. As one could expect, it’s a steady dose of rain and cold which permeates the city, as well as our poorly heated home. As the comedian, Groucho Marx said, “I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.”

With shockingly reasonable theatre tickets (and the absence of 50% upcharges by Ticketmaster!), I’ve experienced the performing arts in a way like never before. A South African Ballet, JK Rowling’s “The Cursed Child” theatre production (amazing!), and Rosmersholm (a West End theatre premiere), have dotted our cultural landscape this past week. And with visits to the British Museum, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, and the Natural History Museum, the children are getting in their fill as well (not to mention miles and miles of walking!).

We’ve begun our second adventure in the worldschooling of our children. With a largely reading based curriculum by Charlotte Mason for the older two, we are fully exploring the culture together. During a visit to the British Museum, the children’s assignment was to find an African Mask, Mummy, Golden chariot, Ninja and the Rosetta Stone. Despite many claims of “I’m tired” by three-year-old, Arden (and catnaps on the floor!), they made it. When repeating what they had learned about each item during their 3 hours expedition throughout the museum, Arden loudly exclaimed, MUMMY!


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