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Music, the language of the soul, speaks volumes when words fall short. Let your music be the universal language that unites us all.

Renowned by the Boston Ballet as a “captivating violinist,” Christopher made his inaugural appearance in New York at Weil Recital, Carnegie Hall. He has shared the stage with acclaimed artists like Gloria Estefan, Paul Simon, Jennifer Holliday, and made a special appearance with John Mayer on Sesame Street.

Described by the Boston Globe as one who “explores different ways of sparking musical interest,” Christopher has entertained diverse audiences, including George H.W. Bush, Queen Rainia of Jordan, Queen Noor, Mitt Romney, and First Lady Laura Bush.

With his distinctive style, Christopher, a member of the Red Bull Artsehcro, utilizes loops and sequences to convey a multitude of sounds through a single violin. Imagine a complete violin concerto or a 12-multi-tracked rendition of hits like Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” or Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Christopher ingeniously translates almost any instrument or sound onto his solitary violin.

As the founder and first violinist of the Boston String Quartet, Christopher has left his mark on the contemporary classical scene. He participated in the world premiere of Raul Yanez’s ‘Concerto for Turntable’ at Isaac Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall, with the Red Bull Artsehcro.

Christopher’s collaborations extend to touring with renowned recording artist/composer Tim Janis, alongside Fionnuala Gill (Riverdance), Orla Fallon (Celtic Woman), and EMI recording artists Giorgia Fumanti and Ryland Angel.

His diverse collaborations include work on albums for former Scorpions member Robin McAuley, GRAMMY-Winning Turtle Island Quartet, Jeanette Olsson from GLEE!, Jamey Haddad, and Dave Fiuczynski.

Christopher’s commitment to education is evident through his leadership in conducting contemporary string playing clinics, reaching over 10,000 high school students nationwide with the Boston String Quartet.

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As the founder of the Boston String Quartet, his impact on the contemporary classical scene is profound. Collaborating with the Red Bull Artsehcro, he participated in groundbreaking premieres at Carnegie Hall, pushing the boundaries of musical expression.
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"Sheer artistry"
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
“Electrifying violinist"
Boston Ballet.