A Blue Violin Valentine

A Night of Music and Romance with the Blue Violin. Treat your special someone to an elegant evening of song this Valentine holiday. This intimate performance will feature some of the great love songs of a generation, with the voice of a violin. Enjoy an unforgettable night of fascination and mystique with the Blue Violin.

This year’s Blue Violin Valentine will include:

  • Electric/world fusion reimagining of Perfect (Ed Sheeran), Until I Found You (Stephen Sanchez), and Circles (Post Malone).
  • Acoustic arrangements of ‘Fairy Tale’ (Alexander Rybak), ‘Appalachia Waltz’ (Mark O Connor), and Meditation from Thais.
  • Original compositions and arrangements from Blue Violin’s upcoming album release, including a completely new Blue Violin vision for songs such as ‘Thunderstruck’, and ‘Viva la Vida’.
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Join me on this musical odyssey as we explore the harmonies, challenges, and inspirations that shape the life of a devoted practitioner of the violin. From the intricate melodies to the heartfelt stories behind each composition, let's embark on a symphonic adventure that transcends boundaries and celebrates the timeless allure of music

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We’re Back!

Let my violin be the vessel for unspoken emotions,
and may my music be the language that transcends boundaries.