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Treat your special someone to an elegant evening of song this Valentine holiday. This intimate performance will feature some of the great love songs of a generation, with the voice of a violin. Enjoy an unforgettable night of fascination and mystique with the Blue Violin.

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Upcoming Shows

South Broadway Cultural Center
Fri Feb 9, (7pm)
Albuquerque, NM
1025 Broadway Boulevard Southeast
St. Francis Auditorium
Sat, Feb 10, (7PM)
Santa Fe, NM
107 West Palace Avenue
Warehouse Restaurant & Gallery
Tues, Feb 13 (7pm)
Colorado Springs, CO
25 West Cimarron Street
Merryman Performing Arts Center
Wed, Feb 14 (7pm)
Kearney, NE
225 West 22nd Street
Historic Atlas Theatre
Fri, Feb 16 (7pm)
Cheyenne, WY
211 West Lincolnway


Harmony crafted in every stroke, a melody spun from the heart. Let the strings of passion resonate, for within the notes, we find the symphony of our soul's expression.

Blue Violin's journey in music is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His dedication to pushing artistic boundaries, coupled with his diverse collaborations and commitment to education, solidifies his position as a trailblazer in the world of classical and contemporary music. A true maestro whose impact resonates far beyond the stage.
"Combining contemporary and classical styles"
Miami Herald
"A once in a lifetime experience"
Peoria Journal Star
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Latest Tracks

In the dance between bow and string, find the poetry of your soul's serenade.

Let my violin be the vessel for unspoken emotions,
and may my music be the language that transcends boundaries.